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We organize, by direct transshipment or by quay, the loading and unloading of sea vessels, barges, trucks and railcars.

We can handle all kind of dry bulk materials, in containers or conventional (sand, gravel, coal, defrosting salt, steel products , recyclable products like scrap metals, plastics, glass, wood, a.s.o…


Our facilities cover a surface of more than 2ha, and offer the possibility of storage in closed warehouses or in open area along the quays .

We have a bonded warehouse license type B (BE-A-0170) issued by the Customs and Excise Administration.Therefore we can store goods in transit in the EU.

We manage the stock of our customers with a dedicated software and we can provide them in real time a complete overview of their stock and of all related flows.


We manage the supply-chain for our customers onward from their site or maritime port to the final destination, and when necessary through our storage facilities.

We reload onto barges, trucks or railcars.

We manage all administrative formalities inherent to the goods, their origin or destination.

We provide all the necessary documents to comply with the conditions of documentary credit and trade finance practices (FCR certificates, endorsement of Bill of Lading, etc.)

Multimodal chartering

We manage the chartering of all transport modes as for our customers’ requests , from ship to barge, truck or train, or all the combinations of these.

We are your reliable partner for the whole logistic and supply chain.


You can entrust to us with all terminal handling operations of containers wherever they arrive (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, etc.).

We can organise to bring them to the Container Terminal in the Port of Brussels by regular shuttle barge, then to our installations on the same quay, where we can perform all kind of operations; like stripping, stuffing or un-stuffing.

Afterwards the containers are brought back to the container terminal and returned back very quickly by the barge shuttle service.

The above is the most cost efficient solution compared with terminal handling operations made by truck only.

In this way we contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and we avoid road congestion.


We can take care of all customs formalities, both import and export.

We are a registered customs agent in Brussels under license No.852.

We also have a license for a customs bonded warehouse type B, allowing us to store goods in transit in the EU.

We can also provide services of fiscal representation in Belgium for our customers.

Maritime Agency

We can provide the full agency services as maritime shipping company and we act as charterers for seagoing vessels calling the ports of Antwerp and Brussels.

These services include:

  • Regular inspections of the vessel.
  • The ordering and organizing piloting and towage, the provision of berths and recovery of the vessel.
  • Managing administration formalities upon arrival and departure of the vessel, including formalities related to the crew.
  • The organisation of crew transportation.
  • The delivery of mail and packages destined for the vessel or its crew.
  • Acting as an intermediary for bunkering purposes.
  • Setting up contacts between the vessel and local authorities.
  • Advancing money to the captain and rendering assistance in case of problems.
  • Setting up contacts between the different actors involved with the docking of the vessel: receiver, stevedores, ship chandler, authorities, pool of dockers,…

At the request of the customer, we provide them with a pro-forma disbursement for the docking of his vessel in Antwerp and Brussels.

See our general conditions (document only available in French/Dutch)

More about Rhenus at www.rhenus.com

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